We are TFP Hydrogen Products, a leading green hydrogen technology company and electrochemical materials specialist. Our materials enable a range of sustainable technologies, including PEM water electrolysers, hydrogen fuel cells and flow batteries, improving both lifetime and efficiency. 

TFP Hydrogen was founded in 2011 as PV3 Technologies and joined the Technical Fibre Products Group in 2021. The company is built on decades of knowledge and expertise in both electrochemical and nano materials, and has a strong focus on sustainability, specialising in the development of materials for the hydrogen economy. This sector is of strategic importance in TFP and TFP Hydrogen’s vision to enable a cleaner, greener future. 

"In the next 5 years the aim is for the majority of sales to come from applications that support the Global drive to net zero carbon emissions, enabling the energy transition."

At TFP Hydrogen we pride ourselves on being the experts in our field; developing and manufacturing high quality, specialised materials that can be designed to meet a customer’s specific needs. We have an experienced team of electrochemists, developing and manufacturing a range of solutions for applications such as PEM water electrolysers, hydrogen fuel cells, flow batteries and medical devices. Our portfolio includes coatings for electrolyser components, coated electrodes and platinum group metal catalysts, all of which are designed to add value by increasing performance, system efficiency and durability. Our team’s many years of experience in electrochemical technology aids an in depth understanding of our customers’ specific application requirements and enables us to develop the optimum material formulation to meet these.


Collaborating with the right partners, recruiting the right people, organically expanding and continuously reviewing our processes, have meant that we’ve always been able to take great pride in the management of our manufacturing systems. It was a natural step to gain accreditation ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating our capability and commitment to product quality.

Of course, our processes wouldn’t be the same without our experienced team, and we employ specialists in chemistry, electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, analytical science, QA and lean production. This wealth of experience ensures that we build strong, productive collaborations with our customers and enables effective material design and smooth scale up from concept to production.

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Part of the TFP Group, we are a global business with manufacturing sites in the UK and USA and a worldwide sales and support network.

  • HQ - Technical Fibre Products Ltd
  • SALES - Technical Fibre Products Ltd & Technical Fibre Products Inc.
  • MANUFACTURING - TFP Hydrogen Products & Technical Fibre Products Ltd
  • R&D - TFP Hydrogen Products & Technical Fibre Products Ltd
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Image of a map with the global locations of our offices show as pins. In Kendal - Uk, Crewe - Uk and Schenectady - USA