At TFP Hydrogen Products we want to add value where we can. We collaborate with a number of customers who require manufacturing support from us for products they have developed themselves or, in some cases, with us. We are proud of the trust our customers place in us to perform production of their products, to their specifications, on their behalf.

We have a demonstrable track record. Here are some recent examples:

Electrolyte for Vanadium Flow Batteries

We developed a process for the production of vanadium electrolyte and were then asked by our customer to operate the process on a sub-contract basis. We initially produced batches of 1m3 at a time for end-users in Europe and Asia, before further scale-up.

Novel Catalyst Scale-Up and Manufacturing

TFP Hydrogen Products is the chosen scale-up and manufacturing partner for two novel catalysts developed by two of our customers. Both catalyst products are synthesised in batch reactors with solution-phase reactions. Both are used in electrochemical applications including water treatment and hydrogen production.

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