At TFP Hydrogen Products we specialise in the development of materials for water electrolysers to reduce the cost of green hydrogen, these include corrosion-resistant coatings, electrode coatings and catalyst powders.  All of these have been specially developed for optimum performance in applications ranging from both PEM and Alkaline water electrolysers, to more specialist applications such as high purity water treatment.

An electrolyser is an electrochemical device used to convert electricity and water into hydrogen and oxygen, providing a means to store the energy for later use. If the source of the input electricity is renewable then this water electrolysis is also a source of green hydrogen. A key application for our materials is in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolysers, which can be used both to store energy from wind turbines and solar cells, or in localised hydrogen production to power fuel cell vehicles. The key advantages in this type of electrolyser is it’s ability to manage high current densities, for example from a dynamic energy source such as wind energy, as well as generating hydrogen gas with the high purity necessary for use in fuel cells.

The electrolyser itself is made up of an anode, cathode and solid polymer electrolyte, it operates in a similar way to a fuel cell and has an operating efficiency of over 80%.

We offer a range of solutions for electrolysers, both PEM and Alkaline:

  • Coatings for PEM water electrolyser cell components – Use of our proprietary coatings on the metal components in PEM water electrolyser stacks significantly reduces the contact resistances of these components.  Specially designed for foils, porous media, plates and meshes these coatings maintain their low contact resistance over 10 000s h, and exhibit an inherent ability to withstand oxidation and hydriding. 
  • Coatings for alkaline water electrolytes - This type of water electrolysis coating is well-suited to meshes, plates and foam-type substances. Our industry-leading cathode catalyst for Ni electrodes also operates at very low overpotentials and is cost effective.
  • Water electrolysis catalyst powders - We also offer both anode catalysts (IrO2 and IrRuO2) and cathode catalysts (Pt/C) for customers manufacturing catalyst coated membranes (CCMs).


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