Dr David Hodgson, our Managing Director at TFP Hydrogen will be taking part in H2 View's webinar 'Key to Green Hydrogen: Electrolysers Special' on the 9th July - 14:00 (BST). 

David will discuss TFP Hydrogen’s catalysts and component coatings for PEM electrolysers. 

At TFP Hydrogen Products we are experts in the development of electrochemical materials and our specialist coatings can reduce the cost of green hydrogen production using PEM water electrolysers by increasing the efficiency, durability and lifetime of the system.
TFP Hydrogen Products has a range of capabilities as a supplier and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our customers to develop coatings to suit their needs, whether this be in terms of durability, cost or efficiency. We have an experienced team of electrochemical and materials scientists who can specify the optimum coating formulation for your application.

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