This week we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

TFP Hydrogen Products was established in 2011 as PV3 Technologies with the goal of providing cost effective products with high performance and durability for electrochemical technologies. We’ve had several milestones over the years, larger premises (Launceston, Cornwall) in 2015, ISO 9001 accreditation in 2017, an ever-growing team of experts, and in January this year we joined the TFP group to continue and accelerate this growth.

The company’s focus hasn’t changed, but our portfolio has grown; enabling us to offer a range of specialist materials that provide solutions to our customers specific requirements. Our industry-leading coatings, electrodes and electrocatalyst powders can be used in a range of applications and technologies, including PEM & Alkaline water electrolysers, focused to reduce the production cost of green hydrogen and allow our customers to operate at high energy efficiency over long time periods. 

Our specialist coated electrodes can be used in a range of applications for water treatment and we have recently developed a new range of MMO electrode coatings for use in electrochlorination; a safe, effective method of treating water.

We can offer a range of solutions for fuel cell technologies, ranging from the GDL to the catalyst powder and even enabling the generation of green hydrogen fuel from water electrolysis.

We produce battery components including cathode materials and a high purity electrolyte, all optimised for long term performance. Applications now include specialist battery separators and electrodes for fuel cells developed by our parent company Technical Fibre Products

This growth and success wouldn’t be possible without our highly experienced team, who specialise in developing customer specific solutions to deliver optimum material performance. Our team has the capacity to develop products for our customers or offer our expertise to customers who require manufacturing support for products they have developed themselves.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the TFP Hydrogen Products team (both past and present) and to all our customers, partners and suppliers for your support over the last 10 years, we look forward to the next 10 and beyond…


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