TFP Hydrogen Products (formerly PV3 Technologies) has received support for its innovation project to develop advanced coatings for use in lightweight fuel cells of the type used in long range UAV’s. Project ‘Fly’ will focus on innovations that will increase the range of fuel cell-powered UAVs, and the manufacturing technology required to deliver the innovation at large scale.

TFP Hydrogen Products' MD, Dr David Hodgson said “This project supports product and manufacturing innovations within our business and will facilitate an entry point into the aerospace sector, something new for TFP Hydrogen Products”

The project will be led by TFP Hydrogen Products’ CTO, Dr Nick van Dijk. Nick said “We have an amazing team at TFP Hydrogen Products, that are eager to grasp new challenges such as this. We will leverage our core skills, capabilities and know-how to move into a new industry sector.”

The news about project funding follows on from a successful track record in securing innovation funding for hydrogen, manufacturing and battery projects. TFP Hydrogen Products has recently invested in new laboratory facilities that will be a critical part of this project.

TFP Hydrogen Products acknowledges the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund.


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