We offer a range of electrochemical materials which have been specially developed for both PEM and alkaline water electrolysers, allowing our customers to operate at high energy efficiency over long time periods.  Key products include:

Coatings for PEM water electrolyser cell components 

The metal components in PEM water electrolyser stacks benefit from lower contact resistances when they are coated with our proprietary coatings. Specially designed coatings are available for foils, porous media, plates and meshes, these coatings maintain their low contact resistance over 10,000s h and have an inherent ability to withstand oxidation and hydriding.

Coatings for alkaline water electrolytes

This type of water electrolysis coating is well-suited to meshes, plates and foam-type substances. Our industry-leading cathode catalyst for Ni electrodes is cost effective and also operates at very low overpotentials.

Our water electrolysis catalyst powders

For PEM water electrolyser applications, we offer customers making catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) both anode catalysts (IrO2and IrRuO2) and cathode catalysts (Pt/C). These catalysts are highly dispersible into inks, and in round robin tests came out top in performance and durability evaluations.


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