Together with Technical Fibre Products, a key part of our vision at is the aim that, within the next 5 years, the majority of the company’s sales will come from applications that support the Global drive to ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions enabling a cleaner, greener future. Our materials and products are ultimately enabling the energy transition through reducing the cost of hydrogen generation and usage, and providing solutions for challenges in applications such as renewable energy, carbon capture and light weighting.

TFP Hydrogen Products specialises in the development of materials used in the creation of green hydrogen, an important fuel source in the movement towards a low carbon economy and ultimately enabling the energy transition from fossil fuels towards low carbon alternatives. 

Our products include coated electrodes, high performance catalyst powders for use in fuel cells and electrolysis, as well as materials for water electrolysers which improve system efficiency and durability, ultimately reducing the cost of green hydrogen.


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