We are TFP Hydrogen Products, specialists in the manufacturing and development of electrochemical materials.

We produce a wide selection of materials for hydrogen technologies including water electrolysis materials and catalysts, coated electrodes and GDL substrate for fuel cells.

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Our company is built on our knowledge and expertise in electrochemistry and nano materials, and we pride ourselves on translating this into effective solutions for our customers. We are continually extending our development, production and analytical facilities to further improve our capabilities, enabling effective material design and smooth scale up from concept to production.

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  • Water Electrolyser

    Enabling the production of green hydrogen via PEM and Alkaline Electrolysers

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  • Electrochlorination

    We have developed a range of specialist electrode coatings that are designed for high efficiency and durability in a range of operating conditions.

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  • Fuel Cells

    We manufacture a range of solutions for fuel cells including catalysts, GDL substrate and electrolysis components.

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  • Batteries

    We produce battery components including a high purity electrolyte, all optimised for long term performance.

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  • Our Technology

    Built on decades of knowledge and expertise in both electrochemical and nano materials.

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  • Contract R&D

    We are uniquely placed to collaborate on development projects, providing an extension of your in-house team

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  • Sub Contract Manufacturing

    Our customers trust us to manufacture their products, to their exacting standards, on their behalf.

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  • Case Study - CCell

    We are proud to be able to facilitate new sustainable technologies such as that used by CCell in the regeneration of the World’s coral reefs.

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  • Spotlight on Green Hydrogen

    In the global transition from fossil fuels to low carbon alternatives, green hydrogen has been identified as a major enabler in securing a sustainable future.

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  • The Hydrogen Rainbow Explained

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, however, it does not exist on its own and must be produced from a broad range of sources, some of which are kinder to the planet than others. The hydrogen rainbow is a handy tool, used within the energy industry, which can be used to decipher the kaleidoscope of hydrogen sources based on the production used and the emissions created in the process.

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    Electrochemical materials are what we live and breathe. Whether you’re looking for coated electrodes, catalyst powders, electrolytes for batteries or GDL substrate we can help.

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    New Catalyst Range for PEM Electrolysers Launched

    TFP Hydrogen Launch High Performance Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation at the Hydrogen Tech Expo NA



    Advanced Materials Show 2022

    TFP Hydrogen Products will be exhibiting at the Advanced Materials Show in June 2022.

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    We are part of the Technical Fibre Products (TFP) group.

    • HQ - Technical Fibre Products Ltd
    • SALES - Technical Fibre Products Ltd & Technical Fibre Products Inc.
    • MANUFACTURING - TFP Hydrogen Products & Technical Fibre Products Ltd
    • R&D - TFP Hydrogen Products & Technical Fibre Products Ltd
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