We are a leading green hydrogen technology company and electrochemical materials specialist. Our materials enable a range of sustainable technologies, including PEM water electrolysers, hydrogen fuel cells and flow batteries, improving both lifetime and efficiency.

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We are continually innovating; developing new materials, optimising current ones, improving our manufacturing capability and extending capacity. We are the experts in our field, innovating to provide effective solutions for our customers and enabling next generation green technologies.

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We provide electrochemical solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our Markets
  • PEM Water Electrolysis

    Our electrochemical materials reduce the cost of green hydrogen production using PEM Water Electrolysis

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  • graphic of hydrogen fuel cell

    Fuel Cells

    We manufacture a range of solutions for fuel cells including catalysts and GDL substrate

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  • battery illustrative diagram


    We produce battery components including a high purity electrolyte, all optimised for long term performance

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  • bubbles in water


    We have developed a range of specialist electrode coatings that are designed for high efficiency and durability in a range of operating conditions.

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    coated electrode
    close up of electrocatalyst powders


    We specialise in electrochemical materials, designing & manufacturing them to improve the performance of sustainable technologies. Whether you’re looking for electrolyser PTL and bipolar plate coatings, coated electrodes, catalyst powders or GDL substrate we can help.

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    TFP Hydrogen's Managing Director awarded prestigious Castner Medal

    Awarded to those considered authorities in applied electrochemistry the Castner Medal is a distinguished biennial award given by the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Electrochemical Technology group.



    Hydrogen Technology Expo

    We are looking forward to exhibiting at the Hydrogen Technology Expo, North America in June 2022.

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    Part of the TFP Group, we are a global business with manufacturing sites in the UK and USA and a worldwide sales and support network.

    • HQ - Technical Fibre Products Ltd
    • SALES - Technical Fibre Products Ltd & Technical Fibre Products Inc.
    • MANUFACTURING - TFP Hydrogen Products & Technical Fibre Products Ltd
    • R&D - TFP Hydrogen Products & Technical Fibre Products Ltd
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    Image of a map with the global locations of our offices show as pins. In Kendal - Uk, Crewe - Uk and Schenectady - USA