At TFP Hydrogen Products we believe in creating materials that make a difference to our environment, whether this be through enabling the production of Green Hydrogen or facilitating new sustainable technologies such as that used by CCell in the regeneration of the World’s coral reefs.


Coral reefs are a rich eco system providing a home to a variety of marine life. They also play an important role as wave breaks, providing natural protection against the erosion of coastlines. The reefs slow the waves from storms by absorbing their energy, reducing the damage when they reach the shoreline. Coral reefs are under threat however, with 90% predicted to be lost by 2040. In order to reverse this decline, our partners CCell have developed an innovative new system to quickly re-grow coral reefs to replace those lost and this system incorporates TFP Hydrogen Products’ specialist coating technology.


TFP Hydrogen Products specialise in developing a custom solution for our customers. We have been collaborating with CCell since early 2018, and were involved in the development of a prototype for their coral regeneration system. This work involved designing a suitable coating composition for the anode to deliver optimum, long term performance in a challenging environment.

Our Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coated anodes are now used in the system and are powered by CCell wave paddles which harness wave power. The device uses electrolysis to extract limestone rock (calcium carbonate) out of the seawater and precipitate it onto a steel frame. This rock provides an ideal backbone for the corals to grow on and the newly formed reef becomes self-sustaining.


  • Our MMO coatings have a high durability and are very corrosion resistant in harsh environments.
  • Our coatings are effective across a broad range of temperatures.
  • Coatings can be tailored to suit the application & system requirements.
  • Very competitive on price compared to other MMO coatings, due to unique and proprietary coating method.
  • Direct dialogue with highly skilled team.
  • A development can be taken from laboratory concept to industrial scale manufacture. Our process is fully scalable to meet customer demand.



Our high performance, durable coated anodes are used in a wide variety of applications, such as waste water treatment, high purity water application, electrochlorination and PEM water electrolysis.

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