Hydrogen Technology Expo NA 2024

TFP Hydrogen Products, a leading provider of high-performance coatings for PEM water electrolyzer components, will be exhibiting its advanced electrochemical materials on Booth 526 at the forthcoming Hydrogen Technology Expo in Houston Texas, USA from 26-27th June 2024.

Our specialized solutions for the electrolysis and fuel cell markets include coatings for porous transport layers (PTLs), meshes and bipolar plates (BPPs), along a range of high-performance electrocatalyst powders and gas diffusion layer substrates (GDL).

Hydrogen Technology Expo North America 2023

The Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo is North America's must-attend exhibition and conference that is exclusively dedicated to discussing advanced technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. The event brings together the entire hydrogen value chain to focus on developing solutions and innovations for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage and distribution as well as applications in a variety of stationary and mobile applications.

More than 80+ exhibitors, 90+ speakers and over 1,500+ attendees will come together to discuss, and see, the latest technologies and engineering solutions, advanced materials, manufacturing equipment, infrastructure, as well as test and evaluation tools and services to finally commercialize hydrogen as a mainstream provider of clean, renewable energy. 

To register for the Hydrogen Technology Expo visit: www.hydrogen-expo.com/