TFP Hydrogen, part of the James Cropper Group and a pioneering leader in solutions for PEM Electrolysis, has announced the appointment of Dr. Srijita Nundy as its Head of Innovation.  

Having joined the TFP Hydrogen technology team in August 2022, Dr. Srijita Nundy has played a pivotal role in developing world-class catalysts and coatings integral for hydrogen production.

Dr. Nundy's work has focused on delivering products which optimise efficiency in PEM Electrolyser stacks and reduce the cost of green hydrogen. Srijita’s expertise spans multiple fields, holding degrees in Physics, Nanotechnology and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Before joining TFP Hydrogen, Srijita worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Exeter in the renewable energy department, developing catalysts for hydrogen fuel generation. 

In her new role, Dr. Nundy will be instrumental in implementing an aggressive innovation roadmap for TFP Hydrogen, ensuring that the company is poised to support the hydrogen industry's rapid growth over the coming years.  The roadmap strategically integrates the development of cutting edge-technologies to support the rapid development of this vital market, paving the path toward a more sustainable future for the global community. 

‘At our core, we are passionate innovators and TFP Hydrogen’s strides in the advancement of hydrogen technologies over the past 12 years is a true testament to that.’ TFP Hydrogen Managing Director David Hodgson said, ‘I’m delighted to welcome Srijita into the newly created role of Head of Innovation, it’s the expertise and dedication of individuals like her that will be central to delivering our ambitious growth plans.’