Dr. Srijita Nundy, TFP Hydrogen’s Product Innovation Team Lead, will be delivering a poster presentation on ‘Developing Durable and High-Performance Coatings & Catalysts for PEMWE Components’ at the International Conference on Electrolysis (ICE 2023) Tuesday 29th August 17:00 in South Africa at Sun City. Conference dates: 27 August – 01 September 2023.

The fourth biannual conference of its kind, ICE 2023 will bring together the international community to present on all scientific and technical aspects of alkaline/PEM/solid oxide electrolysers: materials science, components, electrochemistry, modeling and diagnostics, operation, stack and system engineering, degradation, advanced concepts.

Developing durable and high-performance coatings and catalysts for PEMWE components

Green hydrogen is widely accepted as a critical part of advancing the energy transition. However, for it to become a reality the technology used to generate it, such as PEM Electrolysers, must demonstrate both performance and affordability.

Srijita’s presentation will deliver specific insights into how TFP Hydrogen’s specialised catalysts and coatings significantly enhance the performance and durability of PEM Electrolyser systems to effectively reduce the lifetime cost of green hydrogen production.

Coatings to increase electrolysers efficiency & lifetime.

TFP Hydrogen’s performance coatings are used on a number of different titanium PEM electrolyser components to increase the performance and lifetime of the system. The coatings protect Cell Separators, Bipolar and Unipolar places from corrosion, reducing hydriding & embrittlement which increases the ohmic resistance and can lead to mechanical failure. The result is improved long term component performance and cell lifetime.

Catalysts for MEA’s, CCM’s & GDE’s

TFP Hydrogen’s optimised catalyst range for PEM electrolysers and fuel cells delivers enhanced system performance, proven over 10,000’s of hours, ultimately reducing the long term cost of green hydrogen generation.

About Dr. Srijita Nundy, TFP Hydrogen’s Product Innovation Team Lead

Srijita joined the TFP Hydrogen’s technology team in August 2022 and holds extensive expertise within the catalyst sector, with multiple degrees in Physics, Nanotechnology and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Before joining TFP Hydrogen, Srijita worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Exeter in the renewable energy department, developing catalysts for hydrogen fuel generation.

Within her role at TFP Hydrogen Products she focusses on developing world class catalysts and coatings for hydrogen production that drive high efficiency, deliver exceptional value to our customers and ultimately, play an intrinsic role in reducing the cost of Green Hydrogen within the global energy transition.

To find out more about the International Conference on Electrolysis or to register visit: International Conference on Electrolysis 2023 | engineering.nwu.ac.za