TFP Hydrogen, part of the James Cropper Group and a pioneering leader in solutions for PEM Electrolysis, is proud to unveil its latest technological breakthrough – the TFP Hydrogen Modular Production Unit (MPU). This innovative solution represents a significant stride towards enabling rapid scalability for PEM electrolyser manufacturing.  

Leveraging TFP Hydrogen’s proprietary coating technology, the MPU is strategically designed to operate in close proximity to customers and component suppliers, streamlining the supply chain for PEM electrolyser manufacturers. By shortening the supply chain and optimising logistics, the MPU significantly augments response rates while ensuring uninterrupted operations. Furthermore, the MPU can be swiftly commissioned and fully operational within six to 12 months. 

"As we confront the undeniable reality of climate change, TFP Hydrogen stands resolute in our dedication to effecting meaningful change through the advancement of PEM electrolysis," affirmed David Hodgson, Managing Director at TFP Hydrogen. "Green hydrogen holds the promise of reshaping the energy landscape, propelling the world towards achieving crucial net-zero targets by 2050. The TFP Hydrogen MPU is a tangible manifestation of this commitment, a catalyst for transformative change." 

The coating technology developed by TFP Hydrogen and integrated within the MPU effectively addresses the material challenges associated with titanium components in PEM Electrolysers. These components included Porous Transport Layers (PTL’s), Bipolar and Unipolar plates (BPP’s, UPP’s) as well as cell separators. The range of innovative coatings provided by TFP Hydrogen play a central role in enhancing the durability of the components, shielding against corrosion, and minimising contact resistance; ultimately improving the overall operational efficiency and extending the lifetime of the electrolyser, thereby driving down long-term costs associated with green hydrogen production.  

TFP Hydrogen's introduction of the Modular Production Unit underscores the company's position as an industry trailblazer and demonstrates its critical role in driving the clean energy transition.  

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