TFP Hydrogen Products have successfully commissioned an additional coating facility at our factory in Launceston, Cornwall. The new line is in response to the rapid growth in the Hydrogen sector, where our coatings improve the efficiency and durability of PEM water electrolysers – effectively reducing the cost of green hydrogen production.

David Hodgson, Managing Director of TFP Hydrogen Products, comments that: “Over the past year, TFP Hydrogen has experienced a significant step change in the growth and demand for our products, particularly within the Hydrogen sector. The investment in new line addresses current demand, but also secures our production capabilities in the longer term as the global energy transition is realised.”

Based on our specialist coating technology, the new line will continue to deliver high performance, optimised coatings for components used in electrochemical processes, such as PEM water electrolysis. Green hydrogen will play a critical part of the global transition to sustainable energy, and PEM electrolysers are central to its generation, utilising the energy from renewable sources such as wind and photovoltaics to produce hydrogen. TFP Hydrogen’s specialist coatings deliver industry-leading performance in PEM water electrolysers; increasing the performance, efficiency and durability of the systems and ultimately reducing the long term cost of this green hydrogen generation.

In addition to their use in water electrolysis, our products are used to increase system lifetime and performance in a variety of other electrochemical technologies. These applications range from hydrogen fuel cells and batteries to advanced wound-care, water purification and even the regeneration of coral reefs.